We will bring future to your mobile device now.
Our search technology implement proprietary real-time filter together with ultra-processing leading edge technology to deliver information you desire real-time to your mobile devices.

What's Cariya Japan?

Cariya Japan is a Excellent and intelligent group in the mobile information communication area.


  • Cariya Japan was established in 2010 for the purpose of promoting contributions to IT technology exchange, economic exchange and a cultural exchange between Asian countries and Japan.
  • Cariya Japan is promoting contributions to IT technology for smart phones.
  • We are providing the applications of smart phones related to health, safety and security.
  • We are providing the applications of smart phones related to children care and elderly care.
  • CEO Takashi Hatakeyama


    1. Contents Search Technology:
      1. World fastest Full-text Search technology.
      2. Search service of cellular phone.
      3. Location relating search like POI (point of interest).
      4. Car informatics service.
    2. Web Analysis´╝ĆRecommendation Advertisement Technology:
    3. For a packet capture method, any change of web server is unnecessary for web analysis.This technology use click stream analysis method.
    4. Image Search Technology
    5. RealTime filter:
    6. Real-time filter for which search time hardly depend on the data amount and the query amount. Classified information, expression contrary to good public order and customs or personal information can be prevented in real time.

    What's New

    New Searvice

    • - Advertisement delivery business for mobile handset
    • - Position information business
    • - Southeast Asia cooperation business

    CariSearch is now available!
     Super-high performance in retrieving contents from the mass accumulated data.